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Amber Hensley
Amber Hensley has been grooming in Waco for 5 years. Her specialty breeds are Shih Tzus and poodles. Her knowledge of non-typical breeds such as Brussels Griffon and Scotties are the best in Waco. Amber is very patient with even unruly dogs. This patience probably comes from the fact that she has three children. She uses a very soft voice and talks to the dogs sweetly while grooming.
Amber has a consistent following of customers that have followed her to Tidy Tails Dog Grooming, Boarding & Doggy Day Care​. Her professional skills can be seen in the finished grooming product and on the smiling faces of the dogs' owners when they pick up their babies. If you are interested in discussing your dog's specific grooming needs, don’t hesitate to call her at Tidy Tails Dog Grooming, Boarding & Doggy Day Care.
Tammy Cox - Receptionist Pet Care
Tammy Cox began working at Tidy Tails Dog Grooming, Boarding & Doggy Day Care​ 2 years ago as a receptionist/bather. It became apparent very soon that she cared about learning how the business worked. She looks at her position as a stepping stone. She excels in customer service. Customers quickly call her by name, she is a very good listener, so when a dog needs special or specific care, "she gets it."
As of January 2015, Tammy has taken on the role of assistant manager to the owner/manager, Shirlene. Tammy's skills as a barber for 20 years have made the transition to being a dog groomer very smooth. She has a very good eye for lines and always strives for perfection. Tammy is married with four grown children who have blessed her with 14 grandchildren. She has 3 dogs, 2 of them have come from Love To Spare Rescue, both would have been difficult to find homes for because of their temperament or age.
Tammy invites inquiring customers to come by Tidy Tails Dog Grooming, Boarding & Doggy Day Care any time with your pets to meet us! She will be happy to answer any questions you have and show you around our facility. 
Shirlene Miller - Pet Grooming Owner
Shirlene Miller is the owner/manager of Tidy Tails Dog Grooming, Boarding & Doggy Day Care​. She has been grooming dogs and cats in Waco for 13 Years. She has an extensive background in owning businesses. Shirlene co-owned restaurants, convenience stores and dry cleaners in Austin, Texas. She also has a pet sitting service here in Waco.
Customer service is the area in which Shirlene believes she excels. There is nothing more important to a business than customer service. “Good or bad...if the customer perceives is,” Shirlene usually states. Cocker spaniels are her favorite breed to groom. “I just love their big brown eyes," she says dreamily.
Shirlene also has had an animal rescue sanctuary for 12 years where three employees care for the daily needs of 70 dogs. It is run strictly by donations and volunteers. Many days are a struggle, but when you place a dog or puppy with a new family or individual, you know their lives will be forever changed and be filled with unconditional love, so the struggle is ­­well worth it. The name of her sanctuary is Love To Spare Rescue. If you would like to volunteer or donate time or money, please call her at 254-717-2417.
Naomi Johns
Naomi Johns has been a pet stylist since 2007. When she decided to merge her love and experience with animals with her artistic abilities, learning the ways of grooming came easy to her. With over 13 years' experience in the pet industry, including in a veterinary clinic, Naomi has gained useful knowledge in the care taken of animals from fish to goats.
She has also breed and raised Pomeranians and currently owns 4, which she adores. Though Pomeranians are her favorite breed, she is an exceptional groomer in all breeds. She is highly recommended by her clientele and is pleased knowing she's made a difference in the health of a beloved pet. Her creative abilities can be seen on the store front of Tidy Tails Dog Grooming, Boarding & Doggy Day Care​ and in the pencil portraits displayed inside the shop.

Diana Motlock has worked at Tidy Tails Dog Grooming, Boarding & Doggy Day Care for only 8 months, caring for daycare dogs. She already has a strong clientele that count on her expertise on dog behavior. She has owned dogs and horses since she was a very young girl. Her German shepherd would sit by her feet while she colored in books. Through the years, Diana has practiced dog training. She has a keen eye for watching behavior and body language. This experience makes her very capable of ensuring that each dog is placed with others of the same temperament for play time. 

Diana also is deeply involved in dog rescue. She has volunteered at a local rescue, Love To Spare Rescue for the last 4 years. She has 8 rescue dogs of her own. 

Diana says her goal is to send your pet home fully exercised so your evening at home with them will be calm and relaxing.